My contact information:
daschwar at dii.uchile.cl
danielsp2318 at gmail.com

Daniel Schwartz Perlroth
Department of Industrial Engineering
Faculty of Physical and Mathematical
University of Chile
Beauchef 851, Santiago, Chile


(Daniel Schwartz Perlroth)

I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Chile and a researcher at the Institute of Complex Engineering Systems.

My research focuses on consumer behavior and behavioral economics to examine how people respond to economic incentives and information. I rely on large field experiments and datasets to study applied problems in different domains such as energy and environmental behavior, financial decisions, healthy choices, consumer protection, and prosocial behavior.

I earned my Ph.D. and M.S. in Behavioral Decision Research at Carnegie Mellon University. I also worked as a Research Fellow at the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. Before graduate school, I worked as a consultant in consumer behavior and sales force management topics using machine learning for projects in Latin America and the United States.

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in data analysis and causal inference, managerial decision-making, behavioral economics, and behavioral finance. I have been honored with the awards of the Best Undergraduate Professor from the University of Chile and Best Full-Time Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and the Teaching Career Award.

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